The Physical Castle

Stirling Castle actually consists of a number of different buildings and fortifications.  We have included a brief description of these for you on this page.The Great Hall derives from the 15th century, but was refurbished to an exact historical standard between the 1960s and 1990s.  The Great Hall includes a very impressive hammerbeam woodwork ceiling.

The King’s Old Building is the oldest building in Stirling Castle’s Inner Close.  It may have been originally used as a chapel.

The Royal Palace is on the south side of the Inner Close, and houses the King and Queen’s bedrooms and waiting rooms.  The interiors of these rooms are breathtaking, particularly the ceiling work, which is very bright and colourful.  There are beautiful mural paintings throughout.

Stirling Castle stands proud on Stirling Sill, a fantastic natural defence and lookout position.

The Chapel Royal hails from the 16th century, and is the original location where Mary, Queen of Scots was crowned.  It is a great historical location, with an awe-inspiring vista on sky and mountainside from its north-east facing window, where an open bible sits atop the altar.The Outer Defences consist of a number of artillery fortifications, including battlements and walkways.  Members of the public have access to pretty much all of these.
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